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Veterans FAQ

Hire Heroes USA Job Board

You will not be granted access to the Hire Heroes USA Job Board until you have successfully registered for our services and completed a resume with the assistance of a Veteran Transition Specialist. Our Job Board is a powerful tool to connect you with military-friendly companies who are interested in hiring veterans. Once granted access, you will be able to post your resume to our Job Board for employers to view, and apply to jobs posted by our Employment Partners.


Our online registration and telephone coaching program is a free service for unemployed veterans. This service includes a 3-phase process of Assessment, Training and Mentorship which helps veterans understand their transferable skills, learn effective job search techniques and create professionally-revised, business resumes.

Registration opens each week on Friday morning, and remains open until capacity is reached. To register for services, please click here. Upon completing registration, you will receive an email requesting further details regarding your military career and acquired skills

After successfully registering for our services, one of our Veteran Transition Specialists will contact you via phone within five business days. Upon contact, your VTS will conduct an initial assessment, along with an in-depth explanation of our full suite of career coaching services.


  • Will Hire Heroes USA get me a job?

    Hire Heroes USA offers career transition assistance at no cost to transitioning service members, veterans and spouses who register. There is no guarantee that our services will result in a job offer, but our mission is to enable transitioning service members, veterans and spouses to successfully obtain civilian employment.

  • Why is it important to send Hire Heroes USA a DD214?

    A DD214 form is needed to confirm your status as a U.S. military veteran. Hire Heroes USA is unable to grant access to our Job Board without DD214 confirmation of your veteran status. For your privacy, please black out your social security number.

  • Do I need a college degree in order to find employment with the help of Hire Heroes USA?

    Earning a college degree can enhance the number of employment opportunities available to you. However, you do not need a degree to register with our program. Hire Heroes USA Employment Partners offer a wide variety of excellent career opportunities via our Job Board that do not require a college degree.

  • Is there a certain resume format I should use?

    Hire Heroes USA highly recommends utilizing our Sample Resume Template as a guideline when building your resume. For assistance, please follow this link to get registered for our free career-coaching services.

  • Why is it important to frequently check and respond to emails and voicemails?

    While conducting a job search, please be sure to check your email/voicemail frequently in the event that a potential employer is trying to communicate with you. For example, an employer may need additional information or want to set up an interview. Responding to these communications in a timely manner lets the employer know that you are both interested and responsible.

  • Why is it important to double check my voicemail message and ringtone choice?

    Voicemail messages and ringtone choices can influence an employer’s first impression of you. Hire Heroes USA strongly recommends that you record a professional voicemail response and select a standard ring tone..

  • Why is my email address important?

    Like your resume, an email address offers a first impression of who you are. To ensure a professional and polished first impression to potential employers, Hire Heroes USA strongly recommends that you create an email address for business communication which simply contains your name. For example, or

Employers FAQ


  • How do I hire a veteran?

    The Hire Heroes USA Job Board is a great way to get connected with transitioning service members, veterans and spouses who have received personalized job search training, and are actively seeking employment. Hire Heroes USA offers Job Posting and Recruiter’s Packages that allow you to post jobs on our job board and search our resume database. For more information, please click here or continue reading.

  • How much does a job posting cost?

    The Hire Heroes USA Job board offers a variety of Job Posting Packages and Recruiter's Packages at different price points. Please click here to view packages and pricing.

  • Can I search your database of veteran resumes? How?

    The ability to search our resume database comes with every Job Board posting package. Simply log in to your Employer Account and select the "Find Veterans" tab, opening a menu on which you can select "Search Resumes."

  • What payment options are available through the Hire Heroes USA Job board?

    We accept all major credit card payments directly through our Job Board. We also offer invoicing. Your package will be activated upon receipt of payment. If it is your first time registering with us, please call (678) 785-3265, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm EST, to activate your posting and complete a brief assessment with an Account Manager. Your payment will not be processed until this is complete.

  • How can I ensure that veterans and spouses will see my posting?

    In your job posting, be as descriptive as possible. Include city, state, zip (the most common search factors) and include keywords that best describe the position for which you are hiring. We encourage you to tailor the description to veterans and spouses specifically, explaining why you are interested in hiring veterans.

  • I am having trouble posting a job. What should I do?

    Please try a different internet browser. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is preferred.

  • When will my posting appear on the Job Board and how long will it remain active?

    All job postings are automatically listed when your payment is processed. After activating your package, it may take up to (1) hour for your posting to go live on our website. All job postings are active for (30) days.

  • No one has applied to my posting yet. Is my job posted correctly?

    Yes. Hire Heroes USA does not guarantee a job posting will be matched with a veteran candidate. This process is contingent upon candidate interest, geographic availability, and commensurate skill sets required to perform the job.

  • My username/password is not working. What should I do?

    Your username is the email address that you signed up with ( If you have forgotten your password, please contact the Corporate Relations & Communications department by calling (678) 785-3265 (toll-free at 866-845-2573). Our office hours are Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST.

  • Do you offer Career Fairs?

    In partnership with the USO, Hire Heroes USA hosts Career Opportunity Days at no cost to Employment Partners. Please click here to learn more.